The needs are overwhelming in Haiti and it is easy to become discouraged and not knowing where to begin. But, that is where you say, “I don’t have to do everything...just something is enough.” Start taking action today.

What We Do


globalH2Ope is focused on improving the needs of others through water ministries. We deliver on this commitment through the following:


Well Drilling


Many Haitians have requested a new well in hopes of addressing problems with an existing water supply, reduce travel to clean water, or to better serve a community that has increased in population. Each new site is evaluated to confirm the need and community support. In addition, all wells are for public use and are located in public spaces such as schools, churches, or clinics.


Pump Repair


Water pumps in Haiti are used extensively and require regular maintenance and repair. Each pump has a unique identifier which helps globalH2Ope know where the pump is located, the kind of pump, how deep the well is, what previous repairs have been made, and other critical information. In addition, each pump has someone in the community that watches for problems and communicates any issues.


Water Testing


All new wells drilled and hundreds of existing wells have been surveyed and tested for bacteria. Additional information is captured to help us determine where problems are and potential problems on the horizon. This information also serves as a guide for our pump repair crew and well drilling teams.


Health / Hygiene


Knowing some basics about a pump, how it works, and the surrounding area is critical to helping Haitians in maintaining their pumps. We work with local community leaders to ensure they have this information and understanding the importance they play in keeping clean water flowing. 


globalH2Ope is committed to a sustainable model of operations. Haitian’s are trained and involved in all aspects or the operation. It is their country, their communities, their neighbors, and their family. globalH2Ope continues to be very encouraged by the level of involvement and dedication for our Haitian workers.


What You Can Do


Join a team.  We have short-term mission teams that go to Haiti and get involved in all aspects of our operations. Few come with pump repair experience and even fewer with well drilling experience. However, this has not stopped anyone from learning or using their gifts to help in other ways. You will be blessed and come home a changed person.


Give. Donate toward the repair of a pump or join others to sponsor the drilling of a new well. In addition, globalH2Ope has other needs for equipment and supplies. Clean water takes resources and your support, no matter what the size, makes a difference.


Support. There are numerous opportunities to participate with globalH2Ope without using your passport. If you have desire to share your gifts, please contact us.


Pray. In the midst of such dire circumstances, the resilience and faith of the Haitians is inspiring. In addition, the missionaries that serve the Haitians in such conditions are no less inspiring. Your prayers provide the eternal hope that is so needed.


Communicate. If you are interested in hearing more from the missionaries or workteams in Haiti, please contact us and we will make the connection.


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